Amy Reichert, grand master of Foodie Fiction, on the Oddcast

“THE SIMPLICITY OF CIDER is the perfect blend of sweet, smart and immensely satisfying.” So says author Colleen Oakley.
Find out why on this week’s Liars Club Oddcast.

Amy Reichert on the Oddcast

Debut-novelist Kate Brandes on the Oddcast

Kate Brandes, whose first novel, “The Promise of Pierson Orchard,” has just debuted, climbs aboard this week’s Oddcast to talk of perseverance, environmental issues, living in the countryside, and more.

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William Lashner visits the Oddcast

I’ve known author William Lashner, author of the Victor Carl series and more, for a long time. He’s always a pleasure to talk with, full of knowledge, passion, humor, and words of wisdom to shake up the writing process. He also is the 2nd person in a row that the Philadelphia Liars Club has interviewed for the Oddcast who is a lover of Melville’s Moby Dick. Find out why this week on the Oddcast.

Bill Lashner on the Oddcast