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Gregory Frost’s short stories have been collected in dozens of anthologies and ‘best of’ series.

These include:

Rocketeer Jet-Pack Adventures. A tribute anthology to “Rocketeer” creator Dave Stevens: “Farewell, My Rocketeer.” Cliff Secord runs into a band of Nazis in the Southwest desert, and is forced to act as their pilot. The story includes a cameo appearance by an infamous and saintly enemy of the ungodly.

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V-Wars: “Vulpes”

A female scientist, working on ice core samples discovers that history is closer than she thinks.  Read Frost’s interview with Mary Robinette Kowal regarding this story here.

“They are already here.  They hide among us.  They hunt us.  They feed on us.  They are us.”

V-Wars, edited by Jonathan Maberry
(IDW.  ISBN: 978-1613771518)

Supernatural Noir: “The Dingus”

“All Meyers wanted to know was how Kid Willette, that he’d personally educated in the ring his last two years as a trainer, had ended up dead–and not just dead, but beaten, mangled, and dismembered dead…”

As the name implies, an anthology of stories that blends the pulp-noir feel of 1940s and ’50s fiction by authors like David Goodis, Dashiell Hammett, and Jim Thompson with elements of the darkest fantastic.  “The Dingus” leads off the anthology.

Supernatural Noir, edited by Ellen Datlow
(Dark Horse Books. ISBN:978-1-59582-546-9)

Liar Liar

The official anthology of the Philadelphia Liars Club, including stories by Jonathan Maberry, Kelly Simmons, Solomon Jones, Dennis Tafoya, Merry Jones, and the rest of the liars.

Full Moon City :  “The Bank Job”

Svekis simply wanted to finish his wire transfer. He had more hunting to do. So when the thieves arrived, he didn’t appreciate the inconvenience. Not one bit.
Full Moon City: There Are Werewolves Among Us…
edited by Darrell Schweitzer and Martin H. Greenberg
(Gallery Books-Simon & Schuster ISBN: 9781416584131)
available in ebook format

Poe :”The Final Act”

If you’ve committed a crime, is it really such a good idea to confess it all to your old friend from high school? Especially when he might be involved…

An anthology of stories that use the writings of Edgar Allan Poe as points of departure. Some echo his style, others are enshrouded in his themes. A celebration of the indomitable influence of Poe.

Edited by Ellen Datlow.
(Solaris Books ISBN: 9781844165957)

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