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Sprung from a timeless dream, Shadowbridge is a world of linked spans arching high above glittering seas. It is a world of parading ghosts, inscrutable gods, and dangerous magic. Most of all, it is a world of stories.
No one knows those stories better than Leodora, a young shadow-puppeteer who travels Shadowbridge collecting the intertwining tales and myths of each place she passes through, then retells them in performances whose genius has begun to attract fame . . . and less welcome attention.
For Leodora is fleeing a violent past, as are her two companions: her manager, Soter, an elderly drunkard who also served Ledora’ s father, the legendary puppeteer Bardsham; and Diverus, her musical accompanist, a young man who has been blessed, and perhaps cursed, by the touch of a nameless god.

“For all its painterly beauty, Shadowbridge is a tough-minded novel that confronts some disturbing issues, and that is remarkably efficient in the telling…Frost could be on his way toward a masterpiece.”
—Gary K. Wolfe, Locus Looks at Books

“… a sparkling gem of mythic invention and wonder.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“[S]plendid prose that conveys a highly imaginative world peopled with convincing characters and fascinating creatures. Shadowbridge…offers limitless possibility.”
—Paula Guran, Dark Fantasy

“One of the most original and delightful fantasies I’ve read in quite awhile.”
—Phoenix Terran Reviews

“A master class on storytelling and myth-making by a gifted writer working at the top of his game.”
—SciFi Weekly

“One of the best reads of the year.”
—Jay Tomio, Fantasy Bookspot

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