The RHYMER series

“Ring bells and throw confetti from the rooftops! Gregory Frost’s Rhymer is a wonder and a delight and easily the best thing I’ve read in years. I recommend it to literally everyone in the world. It’s just that good.”  —Michael Swanwick, Hugo-Award-winning author of Chasing the Phoenix


Introducing “Thomas the Rhymer,” a character out of Scottish balladry, a prognosticator, a mercenary, an eternal champion…in a way you have not seen him before.
Welcome to Scotland in the 12th century, where a damaged “idiot” son of a wealthy family becomes an object of interest to Nicnevin, the queen of the sempiternal elven, who call themselves the Yvag  (the People); where a young apprentice mason may become a master bowman and a soldier; and where the immortal elves of legend might just be planning to remake our world to their own specifications. “Don’t draw the attention of the gods” is good advice. For Thomas, it’s a bit too late.
Rhymer: A hot blend of dark fantasy, horror, adventure, and science fiction.

But don’t just take our word for it.

“Gregory Frost brings real magic to RHYMER! The novel is a mystical blend of ancient folklore, new ideas, dynamic action, and real surprises. Very highly recommended!”
-Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of KAGEN THE DAMNED

A Baen Books Original
ISBN: 978-1-9821-9266-2
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And now, volume two–RHYMER:HOODE

A century has passed since Thomas Rimor last battled Yvag knights. In that time his wife and daughter have grown Rhymer: Hoode coverold and died, while he has aged not at all. The elven world believes him long dead, and with good cause: In his grief, he has retreated to the depths of Sherwood and Barnsdale forests and become a mad hermit, lost in his memories, his grief.

So when a dying outlaw lands on his doorstep with items stolen from an Yvag skinwalker, it sets in motion events that thrust Thomas back into the world and force him into combat with Queen Nicnevin’s warriors again; only, this time that includes his late sister’s changeling daughter and the Queen’s own grotesque offspring, Bragrender.

As Thomas takes on not one but two sheriffs of Nottingham and a horde of Yvag raiders, he enlists the aid of other outlaws, including one called Little John and another named Will Scathelocke, as well as the Keeper of Sherwood, Isabella Birkin, who sets him on a path back to humanity.  To keep his identity hidden from the Yvags, he creates an alter-ego named Robyn Hoode, whose exploits are about to become the stuff of legend.

I love this book! Rhymer is flawless. The plot is compelling, the action is riveting and the prose is perfect. True Tom is a hero for the ages–and one you can believe in. Gregory Frost has taken Celtic fantasy and made it new. No, better than new. He has made it exciting again. You will not encounter a finer fantasy novel this year.”
—Michael Swanwick, award-winning author of The Iron Dragon’s Mother

A Baen Books Original
ISBN: 978-1-9821-9349-2
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