The “Cooking the Books” Roundtable

Fran Wilde’s Cooking the Books Roundtable is now up at Strange Horizons. Along with yours truly there’s Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, and Nalo Hopkinson. Now that you’ve made it through Thanksgiving, we can’t hurt you with food talk anyway. Right?

The Pure Cold Light resurrects!

Nothing quite like stumbling upon a new and unexpected review of one’s long-retired (and rarely seen) novel.  The Pure Cold LightAvon published it way back then, did all they could to murder it, and succeeded fairly well (except for the Nebula nominations that slipped through anyway).  I do really need to get an ebook version of this baby out for Kindle and Nook.

Ghosts of ICON past

I was recently in New York and had dinner with Lois Metzger, author (Ellen’s Case, Missing Girls) and editor (Bones, Bites). We hadn’t seen each other in years and it was wonderful to catch up. Back in 1975 Lois and I had attended Clarion (which, if you are unfamiliar with it, is an intensive 6-week writing program for hopeful fantasy & SF writers that now comes in two flavors in the U.S.: one housed at UCSD in San Diego, and the other in Seattle).

Thus it was with delight that I came across the attached photo taken later that year at the first ICON science fiction convention in Iowa City, Iowa. I had asked one of our Clarion instructors, Roger Zelazny, to be the guest at our convention and he had agreed. So here we are flanking Roger on some panel (I suspect the topic was in fact Clarion…which seems to be the punishment inflicted on Clarion graduates at sf conventions for years afterwards). Have to say, too, I really miss Roger. He was a huge influence on me.


Finally, I want to note that ICON itself is still alive and kicking all these years later, though it has moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Its 37th incarnation takes place this November 2-4. See for more on that.