The Psychopath in the SFF-sphere

Someone suggested I write regarding this topic of outrage. However, I’ve no desire to offer this particular individual one more inch of column space on which he/she/it would no doubt get off. But author Laura Mixon did a very careful analysis of the history and the enormity of this creature’s acts. If you want to see how a psychopath operates in our online world, it looks like this:

Chuck Wendig Blasts Imbeciles

And, let’s be fair, they make it so easy, which is to say they open their mouths…

Terribleminds: A PSA About Nude Photos

Chimamanda Aidichie: The Danger of a Single Story

A superb TED Talk  by author Chimamanda Aidichie about allowing a single story to misrepresent complexity and diversity: The Danger of a Single Story