Wild Chuck Wendig Wows the Oddcast

That Terrible Mind, author Chuck Wendig, with 20 novels under his belt in just 7 years (he doesn’t sleep), joins the Oddcast crew to talk about writing thrillers, blogs, Star Wars tie-in books, games, books on writing, and more. A laugh-out-loud interview this week on the Liars Club Oddcast.

Chuck Wendig on the Oddcast

Michael Swanwick takes the Oddcast by storm

My good friend the amazingly inventive Michael Swanwick joins us on the  LIARS CLUB ODDCAST this week to discuss the craft of writing science fiction and fantasy, his fascination with his con artists Darger and Surplus (and with writing short fiction) and even a bit of musing on the works of George R. R. Martin. Don’t miss a great interview with this multiple-award-winning author!

Michael Swanwick with lion






Damian McNicholl talks about bullfighting on this week’s Oddcast

Author Damian McNicholl discusses what it’s like to be a literary agent, as well as an author stepping into the shoes of Ernest Hemingway by way of a novel about a real female bullfighter, THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, and more, on this week’s Liars Club Oddcast.

Damian McNicholl