Tom Purdom in the new Asimov’s

The April-May issue of Asimov’s Magazine is now on sale at Barnes and Noble and other outlets, including Nook and Kindle ereaders.  Along with many fine works of science fiction, plus editorials and book reviews, it contains Tom Purdom’s new novelette Warlord.

Warlord is the third novelette in a series, the others being Warfriends and Golva’s Ascent.  The whole series is, in addition, a sequel to The Tree Lord of Imeten, a paperback sword-and-planet novel Ace published over forty years ago.  So it’s a sequel to a sequel to a sequel. Tom says:  “I’ve tried to write all of the stories so they can be read as stand-atones but I may not have succeeded.  I should also warn potential readers that these stories contain scenes of violence and derring do that may not be acceptable to all temperaments.”  Good enough for me, that.

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