1 Interview and 2 Lectures on Writing (collect them all)

• Catherine Schaff-Stump interviews me about my writing process, one in an on-going series.


A lecture I gave at Paradise Icon about Story Beginnings.

The second half of that lecture, about Novel Beginnings.

-gf out

Gwenda Bond—Brilliant Post on the “Imperfect Vessel”

As always, a smart, incisive, thought-provoking piece of writing from Gwenda Bond:
Battle of the Sexists

Doubling Down, a blog post on beginnings

My blog post for Book View Cafe on the idea that every story you write has two beginnings…

BVC also carries reprints of two of my novels in ebook and audiobook format.

-gf out  (and thanks to Brenda Clough for the invitation to contribute to this set of blogs)