On the Oddcast, fantasy author Anna Kashina reveals the facts…about competitive ballroom dancing & writing

A Liars Club Oddcast Interview with Award-winning fantasy author Anna Kashina. She discusses her “Majat Code” novels, her latest book, SHADOWBLADE, and reveals how being a competitive ballroom dancer and a scientist can help with your writing.

A Prism Award-winner and Locus Award nominee, she’s a student of world mythology, history, martial arts, an folklore. She writes historical adventure fantasy that features exotic settings, martial arts, assassins, and strong elements of romance.

Anna Kashina

Tom Purdom’s Casanova

SF Author Tom Purdom “has slowly and slyly…been building up a series of stories centered on a fellow who might be succinctly—if reductionistically—described as an ‘interplanetary Casanova.'” So says Paul Di Filippo in his review of ROMANCE ON FOUR WORLDS in Locus Magazine. Purdom’s a fine and underappreciated writer, a steady contributor to Asimov’s Magazine, and it’s great to see him getting some column space for this quartet of tales.  Solid SF in space with romance that Publishers Weekly calls “a pleasure from beginning to end”…You want one, you know you do.


Tom Purdom's Romance on Four Worlds