Reading at the KGB

Last night’s reading at the KGB Bar was a terrific good time for me. I thank Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel for arranging this; people like Rick Bowes and John Kwok for being on hand (and Liz Gorinsky–Happy Hugo night, Liz!); but most of all, the pleasure of reading alongside Rajan Khanna, whose previous two books I will now perforce go out and find. I took just one shot of Raj reading, but it turned out nice and impressionistic…as if Edward Hopper painted it. (Hope Elizabeth likes it, too.)


Rajan Khanna reading at KGB



NYRSF reading & the passing of Jay Lake

Sometimes we’re so locked into what we’re doing that things get past us. That was the case with the death of Jay Lake. I was busy preparing for a writing conference this weekend and trying to pick out something to read for the NYRSF reading series last night (6.3.14) in New York City with the inestimable Tom Doyle, who read from his new novel, American Craftsmen. In that huggermugger, all the bandwidth on Jay’s death slipped quietly on by.

I knew Jay mostly via email exchanges. He was a delightful correspondent, and that’s saying something for a person who was going through so much physical and emotional hell. His illness was of course known for a long time, as was everything he endured to fight it. He is missed, and there are dozens of sites commemorating him and his work today,  so I won’t belabor this beyond saying that we should continue to enjoy and celebrate our community, as he did even at the lousiest of times. Here’s to Jay Lake. Sorry I’m a day late with my libation.

-gf out