TÁIN ebook at Book View Café

The ebook edition of my novel TÁIN is as of today available once more from Book View Café.

I’ll let author Michael Swanwick sum up the novel: “An extraordinary journey to the living heart of Myth—violent and visionary, elegiac and horrific, dreamlike, beautiful, and shocking by turns.”
Please enjoy.

Táin, by Gregory Frost

Interviewed on The Writer’s Pane

Anna Palij interviewed me for The Writer’s Pane. She asks all sorts of questions—and I still don’t know what fictional character I’d want to be…



TÁIN Returns

Many years ago, with Terri Windling as my editor, I penned two novels spun from the Irish Táin Bó Cúailnge–the epic fantasy tales of the demigod Setanta, better known as Cú Chulainn. The project became something of an obsession.

Here is what Fantasy Review had to say of the book when it debuted:

Táin, by Gregory Frost“The Tain is a stark and bloody epic . . . a classic of heroic fantasy with which all lovers of the genre should be familiar. Thanks to Gregory Frost, one can now enjoy the story in crisp, modern prose. Highly recommended to all readers of epic fantasy and to those interested in Celtic myth!”

It was picked up in the late 1990s in a small-press edition that put both novels into one volume called Crimson Spear, and in that form Time-Warner’s early (and ultimately premature) venture into ebook publishing put it out.

Both of those combined editions had a plethora of typos and other minor issues. So I’m delighted to have the rights back to these books. And as of today, the first one, Táin, is again available in ebook format for Nook and Kindle exclusively through Book View Cafe. 

The sequel, Remscela, is now also out, exclusively from Book View Cafe.