Interviewed on The Writer’s Pane

Anna Palij interviewed me for The Writer’s Pane. She asks all sorts of questions—and I still don’t know what fictional character I’d want to be…



Attack of the Jazz Giants, a retrospective review

A few weeks ago, I posted a link to a review of the second half of the Shadowbridge duology, Lord Tophet.

And now out of the blue comes a somewhat late-to-the-party review of my short story collection from Golden Gryphon, Attack of the Jazz Giants & Other Stories. I have to thank reviewer Chris East for his very kind words as regards the stories contained therein. Going to go strut around and drink whiskey now (I know, I know—how’s that different from any other night?).

Lord Tophet Rises Again

Strangely gratifying to have a book reviewed glowingly years after its debut…but weird too in that it should have been just one adventure—SHADOWBRIDGE—and not two.  Then again, if Random House hadn’t split them up, would I have ever seen this amazing cover?
Lord Tophet